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For what temperatures does the technology work?

What temperature that will work depends on which salt and what liquid that is used. The lowest temperature for charging can be around 50 degrees Celsius and the highest is around 500 degrees Celsius. The possible charging and discharging temperature depends on the delta T needed between the ends of the battery. 


How much energy is lost when charging and storing energy in the salt?

When the energy is stored in the salt, no energy is lost. That means you can store energy for a very long time without loosing any energy. How much energy is lost during the charging process and discharging process depends on the systems around the salt.


What kind of methods, materials and so on, for transferring the energy from the battery to other devices are recommended?

The key is to design the heat-exchanger so it fits the need of the application. For example, do you need a lot of energy fast, or do you need a smaller amount of energy for a longer period?

One way to do it is to integrate the salt in the heat-exchanger. See Karl Bohman(CEO) show one heat-exchanger concept in below video. 


What are the current applications of SaltX?

Currently we are working with four areas called: SunCool (Solar thermal panels), HeatBoost(Gas heat pumps), VerdAcc (Air conditioning system in heavy duty vehicles) and EnerStore (Large scale energy storage). Click on the links to read more about the applications. 

Posted : 22/03/2018 8:32 pm