SaltX material to energy ratio  


I'm wondering how much SaltX material is in 1 tube and how many kWh I can expect from that?

Thus indicating how space is need per kWh of engery.


Hi @olahellgren! Welcome to SaltX Labs community! One liter of pure nanocoated salt can store up to 0.4kWh of thermal energy.

SaltX Demo Tubes have a very small amount of salt in them for demonstration and concept understanding purposes.

Thank you! But let's say I'd like to have some kind of replaceable/refillable/rechargeable appliance, would that be doable.

Let's say  a portable air conditioning unit producing 2500W cooling energy. Then I can chanrge my SaltX tubes outside on my wall, in a "heat cabinet"?


You can definitely make a rechargeable device using SaltX salts. That device could be recharged outside or anywhere you want. Make sure to take into consideration that the salt produces about 2/3 heating energy and 1/3 cooling.