[Solved] Discharging  


(this is separate post for discharging) 

Let's remind ourselves that:

"You can get more temperature out of some salts than others, however all of them give out all the energy that you store in the salt. I.e. if you store 10kW at 45 degree salt - you will get 10kW of 45 degree heat, if you store 10kW in 350 degree salt you will get back 10kW of 350 degree heat. The temperature the salt can reach is called the maximum discharge delta T. It means how much can the two compartments differ in temperature at the maximum reaction speed.

You can also regulate how fast the salt discharges by using valves between the two compartments. You can start charging the battery at any point as well as you can discharge to a complete zero with no damage to the battery."



So it is possible to continuously regulate? Start from lower temperature reaction that when needed change to higher temperature and after that even change to lower temperature in one discharge cycle?

It is even possible to stop/pause and start discharging in one cycle?


Hi @daniel! You can start, pause, restart many times during the discharge cycle. If you charge the salt with 45 degree heat (i.e. using the salt that charges at low temperature differences) you cannot get high temperatures out of it. However, if you use a salt that is charged at high temperatures you can make the reaction very slow or otherwise regulated to not heat up more than a certain lower temperature.