Cabin heat and nonelectric fridge combo  

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Why not use suncool in offgrid cabins/houses to heat the Cabin/house and at the same time cool a fridge (100-150 liters) today i use a gas fridge and Have to burn Wood to keep the cabin Warm..


SaltX could also be used in houses with fireplaces to charge while the fire is burning and Then be used to help keep the chimney warm so it is more easy and effective to light the next fire. Cold chimneys is a big problem, causes smoke to come in to the house and more unburned gases to polute the environment...

Posted : 29/08/2018 10:23 pm

Hi @henrikberg! Welcome to SaltX Labs community! In fact we had both the ideas that you mentioned covered in the SaltX Labs Case of the Week! Check that part of the forum! These are great ideas and we deeply believe they can help save the environment and money for a lot of people!

We are now looking for entrepreneurs to develop and commercialize these innovations! Would you like to develop the heat recapture? Would you like to test SunCool technology for heating and cooling in your home?

Posted : 11/09/2018 12:44 pm