Apply VerdAcc to Data Centres worldwide?  

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Perhaps there is a solution to be derived from SaltX's VerdAcc and make it applicable to Data Centres. Considering the heat generated from the servers and computer hardware and the need for cooling technology to prevent the hardware from overheating.  

Facebook to build the first Asian data centre in Singapore, investing S$1.4 billion
Facebook also touted how the facility will be “hyper-efficient” in terms of the use of water, energy and land. For instance, it will incorporate a liquid cooling technology that will minimise water and power consumption and, according to its testing, can reduce the amount of groundwater used by 20 percent in climates like Singapore’s, it said. (

The data center cooling market is estimated to grow from USD 7.12 Billion in 2016 to USD 14.28 Billion by 2021 (

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Hi @midnightmastermind! Welcome to SaltX Labs innovator community!

You have great ideas and the challenge you try to address is really pressing. To tell you the truth, VerdAcc is not the ideal technology for data centers. Currently the best standard is to generate about 1/3 of cooling from the stored heat. Without using that heat efficiently, it will not be worth the investment.

We are developing EnerStore LowTemp which will convert about 90% of the heat energy to cooling energy! We will definitely use EnerStore LT for server applications! If you have any ideas how to use the heat from VerdAcc in data centers - we are definitely curious!

Posted : 11/09/2018 12:48 pm